Find the message written in someone’s mind
But first, you ask, “Is it worth the time?”
Learn the story behind every word
But first, you doubt, “Do I have to mind?”

Why do you read a story?
To escape the boring one you live?
Is it not for a purpose that maybe
You’ll discover the Author’s plead?

The beauty of having the words that express
Even if it’s not entire but at least the meaning of the message
Is it not through this that we find ourselves
Longing for someone to discover our essence?

The reason why this poem is written is because of the Author
So are the stories you’ve read before and you’ll read after
Now I ask you, where should understanding of the poem come from?
Is it from the reader’s opinion or the Author’s wisdom?

You can say, “Of course I am the one reading to amuse myself of this
So is it not obvious that I read this poem according to what I think?”
Indeed you are free to interpret the message through your own accord
But whether you get the real meaning of it is not really assured

Or you can say, “I am not the one who fixed these words in such a way
Only the One who wrote it can show why in this manner, they are arranged”
And I tell you, in accepting the need of the Author’s guidance
Much more than the mystery of the words’ arrangement is what you’ll understand!


One can interpret this poem as me, the writer, telling you, the reader, to understand my message as I understood it rather than understanding it on your own.
However, if you noticed, the word “Author” is capitalized, hinting that this poem can also be interpreted as understanding God’s word as He understood it rather than our own understanding. As Proverbs 3:5 stated, “lean not in your own understanding”.

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