Pieces of Thoughts

Close your eyes, young girl
The world would never hear your thoughts
For whatever movement your lips are making
Will always be for nought
Chase the wolf that stole your innocence
Hunt the dragon that imprisoned you in a castle
Survive the army of thousand men
And never return until you win the battle
Did you hear the clock ticking?
Perhaps you never really ran out of time
Pause for awhile and create forever
In a wild imagination of minds
Are my thoughts really excuses?
Am I but a weak representation of the society?
But, little girl, I know you’re not
You close your eyes again and forget reality
Hey, wait a minute. I’ve been here before
It’s called total darkness and despair
In a colourful world of creation
In a scripted disarray
Take a deep breath and let it go
Let it all consume you and never be afraid
For you would learn to embrace them properly soon
And slowly, slowly, they would start to fade
Are you running away from them?
But the world is round, aye?
Now, am I not aiming for its back?
It’s cowardice, I know, but hey
I’m listening, I hear you
But your words are not really what I need
Maybe, for once, it will help
If I start the listening within me
So here is my honesty
Here is my reality
Wrapped in a fantasy
Within ambiguity
Here’s the witch so play the act
Bite the apple of suffering and pain
I’m counting, yes, I am
Not what I lost but what remains
And with this, I open my eyes with gratitude
I realized so much with this loneliness
The little strength that kept me going
Was my faith to an unseen Highness
“They will return, my child”
“Trust me with all your heart”
“If they don’t understand you now,
they’ll understand when you’re apart”
Here are my thoughts
Here’s my mess
I’ll get through this, I know
Through this beautiful sadness

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