Fixing It Out

Their voices were louder this time. Both were just shouting, not even listening to each other.

“Why can’t you do it this time?! I’m sick and tired of this! We keep arguing about this and that. This can never work out. Maybe.. It’s better.. It’s better if..”
“Maybe what? Divorce? You want to get divorced?” He chuckled. “Sure! It would be my pleasure!”
“See? See?! You even say those things! You want to have a separation! You bastard! I hate you!”

They continued fighting when the husband heard something amiss.


“What was that?” He asked, trying to locate where the sound was coming from.


“A thief?” She shuddered. Then, she remembered her 10-year old daughter.

“Kelly? Where’s Kelly?! Oh my.. Kelly!” She ran out of their bedroom door followed by her husband.


They searched the house, but couldn’t find their only daughter. The husband took the nearest weapon, a golf club, and tried to look for what or who was making the sound. His wife was crying helplessly.

“She must have.. she must have heard us. This is all your fault!” She glared at her husband, blaming the kid’s disappearance to him.

“Why is it my fault?!” He shouted.

“If you just fixed the roof, we wouldn’t be fighting right now! Kelly won’t be missing! Oh my goodness. She must have heard about the divorce. She must have been so upset!” the wife exclaimed.

“You brought the topic up! And I was so damn tired! You think it’s easy fixing a friggin’ roof?!” They started shouting again until they noticed that the thudding stopped.

The door opened and when they saw who was at the door, the wife ran to hug her. The husband looked at his kid. She was sweating and covered with dirt.

“Where in the world did you go?! We were so worried!” The mother exclaimed. She noticed the kid’s hands, bruised and wounded, the right hand still clutching a hammer.

The kid just smiled and said, “I fixed the roof. Now, you don’t have to fight with dad.”

The wife’s eyes welled up and they turned to look at the husband. The adults were silenced by their daughter’s action.

The golf club fell from the husband’s hand together with his tears. He went to his wife and daughter and hugged them tightly. The three of them were silently crying.


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