That Causes Wonder

It starts with a pause
A glitter in one’s eyes
Wonders around us
Take us to the best of our lives

But I rather see your smiling face
After looking through such sight
It won’t stay long, I know
But so is your delight

A smile from a stranger’s lips
A hi from a friend’s words
Small things will not matter now
But without them, big things also won’t

Take me to where you find happiness
‘Cause everyone else would go there soon
But I’d stay here now, beside you
Like the earth’s revolving moon

I would want to take your hand
But I’d also want to keep it distant
I want to see you fly
And be there to catch you when you land

How much happiness? That, I don’t know
As long as I’m happy, I won’t have to weigh or measure
‘Cause who would take the time to count
Once you find your greatest treasure?

Look further
Look closer
Everywhere is a mystery
Waiting to be discovered

Dream no matter
Reach out higher
Everyone is alone now
If he doesn’t wander


A Dream of When I Was a Lighthouse

I once dreamt that I was a lighthouse
But in the dream I didn’t think I was
In my rigid stature, I imagined myself
As a star that shines till dawn from dusk

In my dream I fell for a human being
I guided his path as he walked along the shore
He was always a few meters away from me
But in that distance I grew to love him more

But he always looked up in the night sky
I was never the star he wanted to watch
He thanked God for the light they bring in the dark
But never for the light I have

That’s when I realized I was never a star
That’s when I realized he would never see me as such
But still I guided his way to the beach
So he could see the stars he adores so much

When I accepted the truth that I wasn’t his star
I shone my light to the open sea
I knew that even if I look away from him
His stars would guide him for me

Then slowly I noticed as I face the raging sea
I became the light that sailors in the night needed
They knew I wasn’t a star that shines brightly
But they’d look up for me to be guided

So I woke up from my dream and thought
I don’t have to be the person people would adore
I just have to be adored by people who could see me
And be with people who need me more


I made this poem for someone I loved dearly. For a moment, I thought I’d be happy with him but he could never see me as me. After a while, I decided that I can’t keep up with his expectations and left to find people who would accept me as I am.

The Faithful’s Cause

What does faith have to offer?
Why have faith when all is pointing to doubt?
What’s the use of looking for the unseen
When the evidence of it is not out?

How does one prove the existence
Of something that senses can’t reach?
How can you explain to the people
The assurance of what you preach?

For it seems that faith has become a foolish attribute
The world see it as a childish reason
When you tell them that faith can make things possible
They seem to have mocking opinions

Now if you ask a faithful what faith can do
The faithful will smile and say, it changes you
And when change begins from your deepest soul
Your faith can make all things possible

When you rest your heart that Someone’s greater
Your fear subsides and soon you are able
To take the risk that the world considers impossible
But since you have that Someone, then you become courageous

Was it not through faith that France succeeded?
If a young farm girl ignored what God commanded
Would the French army have the guts to fight though they’re losing?
But impossible to that era, it was a girl that changed history

Was it not through faith that a young dreamer saved Egypt?
He faced the Pharaoh and relied to his God
He interpreted a dream to warn about a famine
It was through him that Egypt didn’t suffer a lot

Was it not through faith that people are capable of sacrifice?
Was it not through faith that people could be selfless?
Was it not through faith that a young Nazarene should die
Just to show the world that God’s love is boundless?

But indeed it is, but only the faithful ones could know
For the foolishness of their faith the world can’t imagine
They seek out for these promised miracles
When the miracle starts when faith is planted

Like a mustard seed, Jesus said
Let your faith grow as large as its tree
Don’t let the thorns choke you
But be the living proof that God is mighty

There are those who can make the world easy
But there are only few who can make it beautiful
And let me tell you what faith can offer
It fills the world with love because you are faithful

To have faith is to be sure of the things we hope for, to be certain of the things we cannot see.
– Hebrews 11:1