[Granted] Ch. 1: Desire takes you to your dreams

When you try to grant someone else’s wish, you slowly grant yours.

This is the first chapter of a novel I’ve been writing entitled “Granted”. The story revolves around unfulfilled dreams and regrets. I will be updating this story at least once a week. I hope you will enjoy this piece.


Chapter 1

Desire takes you to your dreams


She started to breathe again. She started to feel again.

She slowly opened her eyes.

She started to live again.

She lied on the floor, her hands placed on her chest like a princess under a spell. She was wearing a long white dress with laces on it. She tried to adjust her eyes from the light and when everything became clear, she looked to see where she was. The place was unfamiliar to her and the room looked nothing like any place she was in before. There was a balcony in front of her and a desk with a shelf at the opposite side. The shelf was full of books with various thicknesses. On the desk was a computer, its lights still blinking indicating that it was not turned off. There was a cabinet on her left. Shirts, socks and shorts scattered around it.

Where am I..?

She thought as she sat herself up and looked around her. It was then that she noticed another body lying on her right; only that he was lying on a bed. She panicked and searched for the door. It was near the shelf. She hurriedly stood up yet cautiously to not awaken her companion. She paused to look at the person on the bed. His hair was pointing to every direction. His lips, slightly open, looked soft despite its paleness. His right hand was on his belly which was slowly rising and falling as he breathed. His left hand lied near his left ear. She felt that she knew the guy. She gazed at him when her thoughts were interrupted as the guy squinted his eyes and slowly opened them. It was too late for her to hide.

“W- What?” He rubbed his eyes and stared at the girl.

“WHAT THE-?! Who are you?!”

He scrambled to his feet and stood before her. She moved back, frightened of his reaction. She touched her chest trying to catch her breath. She was having difficulty breathing. What’s happening to me, she wondered. The door opened and she vanished before his sight.

“What’s wrong Albert? Did something happen?”

He faced his mom, unsure what to say. There’s a girl in my room. No. The girl disappeared to who-knows-where already.

He shook his head and apologized to his mom for shouting. His mom sighed and told him to prepare for school. He looked at the clock; it was already 7:48. Damn. I almost forgot it’s Monday. His mom left and he was alone there to ponder. Who was that, he thought. How did she get inside? How did she vanish just like that? He scratched his head and went outside the balcony. It was September and the air felt colder already. Maybe it was just a dream. He took a deep breath and went away.

A white dress fluttered with the wind as the girl hid under the curtains.


Not much has happened here but I hope you’ll wait for the second chapter 🙂