Not the First, but Hopefully the Last

The man I married was not the first person I loved, but I hope he is the last. My previous relationships have taught me a lot of things and 21 years after, I decided to tie the knot and use all the lessons I’ve learned to love the man I’ve promised my whole life with.

This blog is the same. I have created so many blogs ever since I owned a computer. I lost count of them and some, I don’t even have access to. The first time I posted my stories, only my friends visited but only out of curiosity and never to return. The next time was for bragging purposes. I cleaned my grammar and only re-posted refined gems. Again, no one visited. When I joined the workforce, I realized that there is magic behind the words and the websites they are posted to. They were governed by the powerful Search Engine Optimization or for short, SEO. When I applied as a writer to a journalism website, I have learned the basics of its spells. I can now cast them in this blog and use its power to summon readers.

I’ve loved, lost but I learned. I’ve written, been unnoticed but I learned. I’m hoping that my legacy will finally start here and the lessons will keep coming so I’ll keep learning to be better.